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Bella Vivere's  how it all began

After breeding a few litters in recent years, and really liked it, we have decided we want an official kennel name registration. We really want to go to shows with our dogs, and we are proud to give them a name of our own. 
After long considerations we chose Bella Vivere's. It is a name that expressed perfectly what we stand for..

Bella Vivere.. ... Beautiful Life.

Of course, I first looked on the site of the FCI or the name did not exist. Fortunately this was not the case, and  we submitted the request  10-07 2018. Two days later I got the letter back with the request to pay the fee. There would be a field service officer come along for the location control. Soon there was a message by mail that she would come along. It was a nice visit. Questionnaire finished, knowledge of breeding and keeping dogs  ect, .and I showed her my breed club membership card.

Everything was in order, and she assured us that  November 12  the name would be on the website of the RvB  for two months, to 10 January and if no one objects, the name 15 January by sent to the FCI

Now it's wait and see. No message is good news.

Januari 10 th 2019. 
So far, so good

Today the term expired that objection could be made. Since we have not heard anything, the kennel name application will be sent next Tuesday, January 15, to the FCI for approval.
If that also is approved then  the name "Bella Vivere's  is officially is ours.

Januari 29th
Yes!! We;ve got mail!

The name BELLA VIVERE'S is official ours.
The website goes online now.