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The Shih-tzu is a breed of dog originally (early 17th century) from Tibet. The East was at that time in an iron grip held by the heavenly Empire. He isolated himself from the West. The Emperor lived in the ivory tower and the Lords gave him lots of  gifts. So did the priest King of Tibet the Dalai Lama. He sent every year a number of Holy dogs, who lived in the sacred Temple in Tibet. It was considered the Shih-tzu as a sacred dog because he thought the Buddha with accompanied to the afterlife. Only the Royal family and clergy were allowed to possess a Shih-tzu. And they were also bred only in the palaces and monasteries.
This ' forbidden city ' was not accessible for an ordinary Chinese. Only towards the end of the 19th century, the Western countries manage to break the isolation of the Chinese Empire. Because of the huge love for the Shih-tzu of the Empress Dowager Tse-si., the grandmother of the last emperor was famous. She loved her dogs so much that they at all times at least 10 dogs were at the palaces. They were surrounded with love, the best care and a whole group of servants for the only dogs were ready. They did everything to breed the perfect Shih-tzu ´ s. In the 19th century the dominant position of the Empress Dowager dramatically weakened. The Western world exerted increasing pressure on the China. After the death of the Empress were the dogs gift given to prominent and important persons.
In 1928 were the last people to power driven out and the Palace was plundered and this was also the end of the lush kennels of the Shih-tzu. Fortunately, there were 14 Shih-tzus saved because they were given away as a gift. All Shih-tzus are descended from those 14 dogs.