Bella Vivere's  inspired by the beautiful "Vivere" by Andrea Bocelli.

Bella - beautiful.
Vivere - life.

And that is my passion.

A beautiful life, with and for our dogs.

With a lot of love I have been breeding healthy,

perfectly socialized, purebred puppies for years. 

Perfection and health comes first for me.

Have fun reading all about us and our dogs,

Attie Prehn 


Pregnancy confirmed. 

Puppies born medio Sept.  2022

  J Ch Ps I love you Dalai Shih Tzu

Bella Vivere's Vivo Per Lei

Chase and Jillz are tested. Eyes all clear, patella l. 0/0 , BOAS A (free)




* 23-05-2022*

 Puppies are born!!!

Luoghi Concerti Andrea Bocelli

 Int Multi Champion Dilemma Jon Bon Jovi 

Esprit Bella vom Heydpark


Bella Vivere's Parco Ducale Di Parma
Bella Vivere's Teatro del Silenzio
Bella Vivere's Piazza Castello
Bella Vivere's Terme di Caracalla


Jon and Bella are tested and ECVO all clear, patella l 0/0 , BOAS A (free)


Bella Vivere's Parco Ducale Di Parma  

She lives in Germany with Carola Vorderstemann

Bella Vivere's Terme Di Caracalla
She lives in The  Netherlands with Muria Madjid-van Laar





Tesla Del Carpino Nero

Altea del Carpino Nero x Vulcano del Carpino Nero

 from Italy