As you may have read, heard, there is much to do about breed with short snouted dogs. We read especially about the pug and the Bulldogs. But the Shih-tzu is also a short snouted dog. Therefore it is for us an important topic in the media. What may change, and what consequences this may have for us and our dogs.

People who have already bought a puppy from us, know that we attach great importance to the health of the parents that we breed.
We only buy from serious reputable breeders a new dog from the best lines.



The breeding of dogs who suffer from a short snout is prohibited by law, whether it is for purebred dogs or crosses. Until recently it was difficult to maintain this, because there were no clear criteria. Therefore, Utrecht University has proposed the traffic light model: with red light should not be bred with a dog; If it's orange, then there can be bred dog and all other features are good; the green light should be raised, unless other features are red.

Red, orange or green nasal length.
With the new criteria simply a yardstick to determine whether a muzzle is short for breeding if the nose length covers less than 1/3 of the skull length, the traffic light is red. That means with a skull 10 centimeters that the muzzle must be longer than 3.3 centimeters. Measure the snout half or more of the skull length, it is the traffic light to green and can be bred (if there is at least no other features are in red)

Source: R.v.B

As you can see,  measures the muzzle of Bella 3 cm. Her skull, measured as shown in the photo above, is  8,5 cm.

And that's good news. Bella is more than  0.33. 

We're not there yet, of course. We still have some tests she has to pas.PL and  ECVO eye exam and 6 min test.

The appointment was made for November 29.

Only then we know if Bella is suitable for breeding.


Friday 11/29/2019 Veterinary Medical Center Wageningen.

Her results were all perfect.

ECVO free eye exam for all tests. Dr. FC Stades
Patella luxation 0/0 (free) Drs.M. Govers